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 In the Society of Four Arts Asian Garden, Goddess Kuan adorned with my necklaces.

Alex Dickson's Asian table setting inspired by my jewelry (facing Goddess Kuan) for Palm Beach Illustrated Magazine (May 2011)

About the Designer       



Welcome to my website! I started making necklaces in 2006 and learned how to string beads from my dear friend, Babette Sughrue. 


At first I designed necklaces for my non-profit clients so being a fundraising consultant helped me find my creative outlet - better late than never!

I've been collecting beads since I was a teenager.  My interest in unusual beads and stones from all over the world started with gifts from my father, Eliot Elisofon.  As a LIFE photographer and filmmaker, he was always on an exotic adventure and brought back amazing gifts of: mummy beads from Egypt, old amber and trade beads from Mali, ivory from The Congo, jade from Japan, coral from India, tortoiseshell from New Guinea, milagros from Mexico, and so much more!  I'm still using some beads from necklaces that I've had for over thirty years! 

The collector in me inspires an endless hunt for unusual beads and unique tribal inspired pieces to include in my designs. I would be delighted to make a custom necklace for you (starting at $500) and can incorporate some of your collectibles, if you like.

My Georgia O'Keeffe inspired necklaces have been showcased at museum shops around the country, including:  the Norton Museum in West Palm Beach, the Santa Barbara Museum in California, the Phillips Collection in D.C., and at the Whitney Museum in New York.

I started designing necklaces for museum shops beginning with the Norton's exhibition, "Birds of a Feather" featuring Iris Apfel's extraordinary couture clothing, which is artfully mixed with her exquisite ethnic jewelry.  Unbeknownst to her, Iris is one of my inspirations.

About cow skulls: While in Texas visiting my sister, I found some carved stone cow skulls and a few in silver metal, all made in Mexico.  




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