A blister pearl and topaz pendant set in
silver from Bali with blue lapis, rose and
cherry quartz, white turquoise, faceted
garnet, malachite, and natural pearls.
Old African amber with a beautiful patina
(I have more huge amber beads that my
father collected in Africa in the 1960s)
surrounded by pale blue and green turquoise,  African glass and trade beads, apple coral,
quartz, and  jasper.

   "The Mother Ship" necklace that can  
  be worn as a triple or double strand, 
  or across the torso, or as a belt with
  a simple sterling silver hook clasp.      
  This necklace consists of many 
  favorites: old African trade beads,
  old agate, cowhorn, bone, coral,
  milagros, and assorted semi-precious


This gallery is filled with creations that are now part of private collections. If you're interested in ordering something similiar or a customized necklace (starting at $500), kindly e-mail me at jillelisofon@aol.com. 
"A Giving Heart" which I gave to the Today Show's Ann Curry when she was in West Palm Beach, Florida for her photography exhibition.  This unique necklace features a Mexican heart milagro with 1946 Mexican coins, amethyst, carnelian, florite, and African trade beads.  Hope Curry wears this on the Today Show one of these days...

Oblio Wish, Owner/Founder of GyrotonicSatnam in West Palm Beach, who purchased this necklace of Indian and Asian charms mixed with a vintage cameo and other unusual collectibles.
Found this bright and unusual vintage clip at Glam Vintage in West Palm Beach.  Paired it with Bali beads, huge cherry quartz,
blue lapis and more for that bohemian chic look.
This necklace was purchased by a favorite cousin, Alison Spear.

Found this unusual cowhorn & silver pendant at a favorite spot, Palm Beach Vintage.  Combined it with white turquoise, yellow Aftican trade beads, citrine, old silver/pewter beads and multi-colored round Venetian balls. Shown at Hopkins Warf Gallery in North Haven, Maine & sold by my dear friend David Hopkins to another old friend, Jeanette Sanger.
This is one of my all time favorite creations.  It's a healing necklace that was made for a dear friend who was facing many health challenges.  I used healing milagros with an assortment of hearts, coral, old African glass and trade beads, plus many semi-precious stones.  Custom order a necklace like this, starting at $600 for a long, double-strand piece.                                                          
This necklace is part of my Georgia O'Keeffe inspired collection. Found these metal cowskulls in Texas, made in Mexico.   
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